Welcome & Introduction

Dear Saxe Middle School Family,

I hope that your summer is off to an amazing start! As my new role at Saxe Middle School begins, I would like to formally introduce myself. I am honored to have been named as the new Principal at Saxe Middle School and am excited to serve the community in this capacity. It has been nice meeting many of you already. I look forward to getting to know everyone better, and most importantly, working with everyone within the Saxe community.

Because family is important, I would like to share a little bit on a personal level. My wife Amy and I celebrated our sixteenth wedding anniversary at the beginning of July. Amy also works in education, having taught fourth grade in Wilton and now as a math interventionist in Bethel, where we live. Our children love school and stay active in extracurriculars year round. For the upcoming school year, Ellie will be entering eighth grade, Brooke will be entering sixth grade, and Nicholas will be entering second grade. As a family, we enjoy skiing, kayaking, hiking, and fishing at Huntington State Park, which is down the road from us. We recently returned from our now annual visit to Lake Winnipesaukee (NH) where we visit with friends, recreate, and recharge from the wonders of nature that the lake has to offer.   

On a professional level, I am entering my nineteenth year working in education. My background encompasses working in Connecticut and Illinois including experiences with students, staff, and stakeholders at all levels, PK-12. Most recently, I enjoyed spending the past year getting to know this wonderful community of New Canaan as an Assistant Principal at NCHS. Prior to that, I served as the District Coordinator for health and physical education for the community of Westport and as Assistant Principal at Coleytown Middle School. During my time in Westport, we enjoyed highlighting the brain-body connection and bringing movement-based learning into all classrooms, at all levels. This research was well received and contributed to the collaborative approach of educating the whole child and providing a well rounded educational experience for students in all disciplines. This aligns nicely with the social-emotional work that our district has recently undertaken!

At Saxe Middle School, I look forward to continuing the great legacy that has been established by my predecessor, Mr. Macedo. We are blessed with a great team of staff members who truly believe in doing what is best for students. A priority for me includes maintaining the social-emotional needs of students and continuing to foster and improve upon the positive school climate. I will continue to encourage and support a healthy balance between academics, the arts, athletics, clubs, and activities. Saxe Middle School is located in a marvelous community and has been recognized as one of the finest middle schools in the state, and beyond. I intend to contribute to this great tradition while learning, growing, and evolving together.

Wishing each of you a happy, healthy, and rejuvenating rest of your summer,
David M. Gusitsch

Principal, Saxe Middle School

The accompanying photo is a recent picture of our family at my parent’s house in Mansfield, PA.

From left to right are: Tommy (dog, 5), Brooke (11), Amy, Nicholas (7), Ellie (13), and me.  


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