2019.6.19 – Saxe Weekly

June 19, 2019

Dear Saxe Family,

Thank you. This has been an amazing year, on many levels. It is an honor and a privilege to serve Saxe Middle School and the community of New Canaan. I am beyond grateful for the support, leadership, expertise, compassion, empathy, and spirit that resides in our faculty, staff, parent community, administrators, and most of all, students.

Today, we got to wrap up a “full” half-week by conferring our Saxe Class of 2019, now NCHS Class of 2023! Congratulations to our students, and their families, as developing our children is truly a team effort.

Enjoy the below action from this week. We wish you the best for a wonderful summer!


Dave Gusitsch

Principal, Saxe Middle School

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Summer 2019…

One final wave “goodbye” as the last buses left Saxe today. While students and staff are happy to see the arrival of summer, it was nice to see the shared joy, mutual respect, and hugs/high-fives as everyone parted ways one last time. Until August… 🙂

Grade 8 Promotion

Congratulations to our 8th-graders on their promotion to high school today! We thank you for leading by example at Saxe and wish you the best in your future!

Student speakers Abigail Cushman and Luc Lampert address their peers (with excellent messages, respectively!).

Thank you to our student performers and their teachers for helping make the promotion ceremony such a nice event!

If you would like to check out Mr. Gusitsch’s words of advice to the Saxe Class of 2019, please feel free to click, here.

1st-Ever NCHS Graduation Walk

Follow along as the NCHS Seniors visit Saxe for one last walk through the halls. What a great beginning to a wonderful new tradition! Here is the quick Saxe version:

Here is the full NCHS version:

Grads walking by the “Wall of Happiness”!

Around Saxe

It may have been a short week, but there was a lot of activity around Saxe!

Students enjoyed the 8th-grade picnic:

School spirit soared through the roof in the 8th-grade Pep Rally!

The posters that students created showcased all of the best that our students represent – unity, inclusion, creativity, and spirit!

6th-graders participated in a Read Out Loud Poetry session. Truly inspirational!

Ms. Taylor closed out the session by reading her own original poem. A great demonstration of leading by example!

Ms. Dobransky and Ms. Lanna’s students thanked their parents by singing and dancing to the Beatles! Very sweet…

8th-graders participating in their “Oscars” during their Best of the Dramatically Speaking Unit!

One last trip to PAWS to donate some more goods. These students are great leaders and will remember this experience for many years to come. Thanks to Ms. Reynolds for providing this opportunity for them…

Spreading Some Positive Vibes!

Students showed their appreciation to our SRO, Officer Deak, by painting up some “You Rock!” rocks. Saxe is such a great school community…

Saxe Middle School wishes the NCHS graduating class of 2019 the best in their future!

Have a great SUMMER!

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