2021.8.27 – Saxe Weekly

August 27, 2021

Dear Saxe Students and Parents, 

As we look forward to warmly welcoming our approximately 1,331 students on Monday morning, we would also like to welcome our parents to the 2021-22 school year as well! Every stakeholder plays a role in making our learning community the exceptionally special one that it is. Below are some important details, live links, and helpful resources as we prepare for our first day… 

The School Day

Upper Division (Grades 7, 8) will start at 7:30am and end at 2:05pm. (Periods 1-8)

Lower Division (Grades 5, 6) will start at 8:20am and end at 2:55pm. (Periods 2-9)

It is always helpful for your child to bring a printed copy of their schedule on the first day. Because there are sometimes some last minute finetuning, please print a fresh copy on Sunday evening. You may find the link to PowerSchool, here, and if necessary, instructions to access your child’s schedule, here.  

When your child arrives at school on Monday, they should report as follows:

Grade 8 Students – Report to their Period 1, “A” Day WL or Special Area class

Grade 7 Students – Report to their Period 1, “A” Day Core class

Grade 6 Students – Report to their Period 2, “A” Day WL or Special Area class

Grade 5 Students – Report to the basketball court blacktop (recess/playground area). Students will be greeted by teachers, counselors, administrators, and support staff to be welcomed & guided to their first class of the day. In the event of inclement weather, an update will be sent out early Monday morning. 

In the event of an absence on any given day, please email your child’s Division Office (G5/G6: brenda.carmichael@ncps-k12.org; G7/G8: lin.benware@ncps-k12.org) or call 594-4500. 

Arrival and Departure

Thanks for following these simple rules to keep our students safe. Dropping off or picking up students on the street is unsafe. The passing of a school bus with its stop sign extended/lights flashing, is illegal & will be reported by the bus driver. Please review the arrival/departure locations and procedures, here. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have been compiling a list of FAQs as we lead up to the opening of the school year. These include topics from backpacks to what to bring on Day 1, chromebooks to cohorting, lockers to lunches, and everything in between. You are welcome to view these questions and the accompanying responses, here. 

General Reminders

  • Cell phones are not permitted & must be put on “silent” mode, or powered down, during the day 
  • As we reevaluate the timing of the use of lockers, we will allow for enough time to communicate and practice using them before they are issued
  • Chewing Gum and hats are not permitted in our classrooms 
  • Guidance for appropriate school attire, along with other important student information, is available in our handbook, here. All students and parents are encouraged to access and review this useful information 
  • For a review of district and Saxe specific information related to our “continuity of services” plan, please visit the NCPS Charting our Course website or view the recent Saxe Back to School webinar from earlier this week. 
  • For anyone who was unable to join us for any of the guided tours over the summer or our recent “New to NC” events but wanting to catch a glimpse of our building, please feel free to check out our “Saxe Virtual Tour” that was created for our incoming 5th-graders this past spring! 

Saxe PTC

Finally, we invite all parents to be active members of our school community. As a member of the Saxe Parent Teacher Council (PTC) you may participate in a variety of efforts that are all designed to have a positive impact on the entire educational experience for your child. We are so grateful for our amazing PTC! Please visit the Saxe PTC site, here. 

Parting Thoughts

In our recent Saxe “Welcome Back Letter”, we offered an opportunity for students and parents to share their “hope” for the new school year. I encourage you to have a conversation with your child(ren) around this topic and invite you to share what your hope is for the new year in this quick google form.  

In addition to the above information, we will continue celebrating our Saxe students, staff, activities, and community through our weekly newsletter (saxems.com), our newly updated website, and our Twitter handle, @SaxeMS. I look forward to connecting, or reconnecting, with each of you soon! 

Wishing everyone a great weekend and a restful night’s sleep on the eve of our new school year. We look forward to seeing our entire 2021-22 Saxe community come together for the first time on Monday! 

Be well, 

Dave Gusitsch 

Principal, Saxe Middle School

Here are some fun pictures that show some of the action that took place around Saxe over the summer. Enjoy!

Thanks to our amazing Saxe PTC, our Saxe students will be welcomed through the Lower Division entrance by our mascot and 5 Cs!

And, some awesome signage!

Also thanks to our PTC, three more water refilling stations were installed around the building. There is a place to refill to stay hydrated at the end of each grade-level hallway. 

Thanks to Ms. Sherwood’s prep, our staff received their Saxe PTC welcome back goodies in style!

Cheers to our new staff who were here for New Teacher Orientation! You will get to meet and learn more about the newest members of our Saxe Family in an upcoming Saxe Weekly…

Pictured above: Tim Luchsinger (Math Specialist), Dineen Farley (Art), Eric Pacicca (G6 Science), Anne-Marie Mallie (French), Madison Bohlmann (G6 Math), Maureen Campbell (G5 Math/SS), Sarah Obuchowski-Granite (G5 Asst. Principal). 

And, here they are out and about trying to find their way around the building on the “New Staff Member Scavenger Hunt”!

Thanks to our tech team, we have some expanded digital signage monitors to inform, share, and celebrate the goings-on around Saxe!

A fresh coat of paint will welcome all of our students as they travel around the main level!

Despite the heat this week, we had an amazing turnout for our grade 5 Meet and Greet and the New to New Canaan tour. Thanks to all who came out!

Ms. Jarosik snapped a great pic of our resident raptors taking in the scenery over Saxe one warm summer day!

As always, our terrific custodial crew had the building looking absolutely amazing. Every square inch of the building gets some TLC and the amount of work and dedication that goes into keeping our building looking its best is tremendous. We have the best, most committed custodial team a school could ask for!

Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday!

Saxe Resources (live links)

Website: https://www.ncps-k12.org/saxe 

PTC: http://www.saxeptc.org/


Twitter: @SaxeMS


The Saxe Weekly: SaxeMS.com

Saxe Middle School

Celebrating Our Learning Community Through Caring, Communication, & Commitment

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